A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have adopted our babies over the past years.

We are now retired from breeding... at least for now =) (thats for a special someone).

If you're interested in a AKC Yorkshire Terrier, please feel free to contact my friend Debi Bruggemeir, she may have some little ones that are ready to go or close to it.






PLEASE READ THIS: My tri colored Biewer Yorkshires are BBIR registered. All puppies will be seen by my Vet 3 times before leaving me. Once at 3 days old for their dew claws to be removed.Second time is at 6 weeks for their first set of shots and a full check up. Third time is at 9 weeks of age for their 2nd set of shots and a full check up. At that time most of them are fully weened and ready to leave, but each one can be different and may need more time with me. I offer a year health guarantee that will be signed by both parties on a Purchase Agreement. 



If you are interested in a puppy please email me at OR call me at 765-730-3998


 My name is Jill Brooks. My husband, Jerry & I, and our boys have AKC Yorkies and one pair of IBC & BBIR registered Biewer Yorkshire Terriers (beautiful Tri-colored Yorkies).  We live in East Central Indiana on 5 acres and have lots of room for our furkids to run and roam, although they can only run and roam while we are out with them. We started out with one little baby Yorkie and fell head over heels for her and wanted more.  From there on out we have grown with our Yorkies.  We researched the breed and all the issues with Yorkies and felt like breeding Yorkies was what we wanted to do.  We used to breed Papillons as well, but I have since retired my Papillions. Yorkies are a breed that most people can have who have allergies, since they have hair without dander, unlike fur that has dander, which are what most people are allergic to. They also shed very very little. Most people say they don't shed at all, but all dogs shed a little bit, just like us humans do.  I am particular who I place my babies with. I need to know about what their living conditions will be like. I will refuse to place a puppy with someone I don't feel would be the right fit for one of my babies.  I encourage you to research and get references on all breeders you are talking to when considering adopting a puppy. Also, make sure they own the parents, you can see them if you wish, and that they offer a health guarantee. Its a huge red flag if they refuse any of these.

For info on the Yorkie breed, look at or These two sites have tons of accurate information on them, if you're looking to adopt a Yorkie.  Another great site is yorkietalk. This site you can ask other Yorkie owners questions and they are very honest and open about everything.  You will get a lot of good answers from all around the world.

For info on Biewer Yorkshire Terriers go to

We are very small time hobby breeders and occasionally have puppies for sale. Please check the puppy page to see if we have any ready to go or getting ready to go.  Also check the past puppy page to see ones that we have had.

Thanks for looking and please email or call with any questions.  Email is or phone me at 765-730-3998